Hello, World!

Greetings, I'm Maulana Ahmad Aji Triadi, commonly referred to as Maulana, and I am a devoted web developer driven by a passion for creating innovative and efficient digital solutions. My journey in the realm of web development has equipped me with a diverse skill set, enabling me to craft dynamic and user-friendly websites. I am dedicated to staying abreast of the latest technologies and trends in the constantly evolving field of web development, and I am committed to delivering high-quality, visually appealing online experiences.

My roots trace back to the eastern part of Indonesia, specifically the Yapen Islands, where my family resided. In 2006, my introduction to computers began with my parents' old tube computer, as our area had limited internet access. Connecting to the internet required a telephone cable, making online activities expensive. During this period, I engaged in offline games due to the limited access to the internet.

In 2008, I relocated to Yogyakarta, and it wasn't until 2014 that I reconnected with computers, this time with easier internet access through internet cafes. During this phase, I delved into understanding how the internet functions and actively participated in an online programming community. My journey into web programming began with Visual Basic 6.0, creating simple programs, and later, I explored PHP while developing a social media management system. Simultaneously, I ventured into blogging with the goal of earning through AdSense1.

In 2014, I transitioned to graphic design, participating in logo design contests and taking on projects for friends. In 2018, my interest in programming was rekindled when my teacher encouraged me to join a district-level programming competition, where I secured the second position. After graduating from vocational school, I enrolled in Amikom University Yogyakarta, rediscovering my passion for programming with the support of my classmates. I successfully completed my thesis on the "Application of Personal Extreme Programming on The Design of The Sales Information System Application of The Lepas Rindu Coffee Shop Using Laravel."

Presently, I am immersed in various freelance projects and focused on expanding my proficiency in new programming languages such as Golang and React. Behind the development of my personal website using Next.js, TypeScript, and Tailwind CSS, I am exploring bento grid layouts and find inspiration in websites like Nev's, which I find exceptionally impressive.

1: Google AdSense is an advertising program by Google that allows website owners, content creators, and publishers to monetize their online content. It enables individuals to display targeted ads on their websites, and they earn revenue when visitors interact with or view these ads.