VSCode Extentions I use daily

As a developer, having a powerful and efficient code editor is crucial for productivity. Visual Studio Code (VSCode) has become one of the most popular choices among developers due to its versatility and extensibility. One of the key features of VSCode is its vast ecosystem of extensions, which can greatly enhance your coding experience. Here, I'll share some of the VSCode extensions that I use on a daily basis to boost my productivity and streamline my workflow.


Consistent code formatting is crucial for collaboration and readability. Prettier is a code formatter that supports various languages, including JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML, CSS, and more. The VSCode Prettier extension automatically formats your code according to predefined rules, ensuring consistent styling across your project.


Effective version control is essential for managing project changes and collaborating with team members. GitLens is a powerful extension that supercharges the built-in Git capabilities of VSCode. It provides valuable insights into your Git repositories, such as blame information, commit history, and code authorship, directly within your editor.

Simple New File

Simple New File

Creating new files via the sidebar can get quite tedious. Simple New File aims to make creating files or directories as simple as possible via the command palette. Has autocompletion and also works with multiple workspaces!


Visual Studio Code's extensive library of extensions caters to a wide range of development needs, allowing developers to customize their editor experience according to their preferences and workflows. The extensions mentioned above are just a few examples of the many useful tools available to enhance your productivity and streamline your development process. Experimenting with different extensions and finding the ones that best suit your needs can significantly improve your coding experience in VSCode.